KURRN 2015, 25th March, English-Japanese simultaneous translation

(Free of charge, application may be cancelled because of limited seating.)

1st International Conference of Kyoto University Risk Research Network
Bridge the Gap in Risk Perceptions for the Restoration from Tohoku Triple Disaster



Some four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, but the restoration is fairy under way. The international conference brings together speakers from interdisciplinary fields dealing with health and disaster risk, ranging from economics and psychology, to medicine, health sciences, agriculture, and engineering. Establishing a cooperative network with international-based specialists will provide opportunities to offer solutions to post-earthquake tasks, which are under accelerated discussion in fields somewhat removed from the academic field. Sessions dealing with the risk perceptions associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake has been scheduled, where the latest research findings especially on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident will be announced by Kyoto University, a leading institution in the field of health and disaster risk. An uncertain/ambiguous information or uninformed situation result in different risk perceptions about adverse effect of human health and safety caused by Tohoku Triple Disaster. This conference let you know actual objective situations and objective evaluations of unresolved issues will be put forth from an international and academic standpoint for the restoration from Tohoku Triple Disaster.
In the past, Kyoto University has hosted the 19th and 20th Kyoto University International Symposium in 2013 and 2014. In addition, Nano-symposium have focused on uncertain risks of engineered nanomaterials. Through the acceleration of joint symposia and collaborative research with international-based specialists, Kyoto University aims to become the center of excellence for interdisciplinary risk studies in Japan and the greater Asian region.

What is KURRN?

Kyoto University Risk Research Network (KURRN) was established in 2014 by the researchers of various fields in Kyoto University forming a cross boundary network and acting as a virtual organization for the purpose of finding a breakthrough of the problems which were related to “risk” and hard to solve only by the knowledge and experience of each field. The constitution member extends over many fields, such as engineering, agriculture, medicine, science, sociology, economics, and psychology. We will make this network organization substantial and develop it to Kyoto University Risk Research Center in the future.


12:30-13:00 Registration Room302 Floor3 Conference Center, Pacifico Yokohama


Chair:Professor Minoru Yoneda

13:00 Opening Remarks Professor Yoko Niiyama, Kyoto University / President SRAJ
13:10 Welcome Address Professor Junichi Mori, Vice-President for International Relations, Kyoto University
13:20 KURRN Starting Professor Minoru Yoneda, Kyoto University

Keynote Lectures #1

Chair:Professor Minoru Yoneda

13:30 Populist versus Paternalistic Prescriptions for Risk Policy Professor James Hammitt, Harvard University

Keynote Lectures #2

Chair:Professor Yoko Niiyama

14:10 Filtration Research for Sustainable Environment Professor David Pui, University of Minnesota

14:50-15:30 Coffee Break

Keynote Lectures #3

Video lecture and Q & A through teleconference system

Chair:Professor Yoko Niiyama

15:30 Coping with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity: The risk governance approach Professor Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart / President SRA

Plenary Session

Chair:Professor Minoru Yoneda

16:10 Estimation of Production Capacity Loss Rate after The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 <TBD> Professor Hirokazu Tatano, Kyoto University
16:30 Effects of Evoking Images on Radioactive Substance Risk Perception and Origin of the Images; What Risk Communication would be Effective? Professor Yoko Niiyama
16:50 Risk perception for a large scale disaster with a small probability: A lesson from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident Professor Akio Koizumi, Kyoto University

Panel Discussion

Chair:Professor Minoru Yoneda

17:10 Professor James Hammitt
Professor David Pui
Professor Hirokazu Tatano
Professor Yoko Niiyama
Professor Akio Koizumi


Chair:Professor Hirokazu Tatano

17:40 Closing Remarks Professor Minoru Yoneda / Representative KURRN