31/August, 2016 Kyoto Symposium (2nd International KURRN Symposium)

Considering the Modality of Risk Research from a Viewpoint of
Practical Use in Policy and Decision Making

English-Japanese simultaneous translation
(Free of charge, application may be cancelled because of limited seating.)


Today, we are planning that we will hold 2016 Kyoto Symposium in Kyoto University co-organized with The Society for Risk Analysis Japan inviting Prof. Ortwin Renn, who is the ex-President of the Society for Risk Analysis, at the opportunity when he visits Japan. In Kyoto, Kyoto University Risk Research Network (KURRN) was set up at the end of 2014. KURRN held the first international symposium "Bridge the Gap in Risk Perceptions for the Restoration from Tohoku Triple Disaster" in Yokohama in March of 2015 aiming at the department cross-sectional cooperation of risk research in Kyoto University and its publicity to outside the university. This symposium is also the second international KURRN symposium.
We often feel the present condition that scientific evaluation based on risk analysis is not well used in a policy or a political decision. It is easy to count examples that the best political decision is not made for various risks influencing health of human body or mind or risks leading to damage or collapse of social or ecological system, and people suffer from their disadvantageous results. Considering these situations, we thought that the risk research might enter the era when we should strengthen its characteristics as the practical science helpful for human happiness, and we planed to hold symposium entitled "Considering the modality of risk research from a viewpoint of practical use in policy and decision making" inviting Prof. Ortwin Renn to Kyoto University.
In addition, we decided to aim to have participation from many faculties of Kyoto University, ask especially young and middle class researchers who would carry future risk research to make presentations, and improve the risk research in Japan to the higher stage of practical science by collaboration and fusion of the researches in Kyoto University.
From such a policy, we set up the symposium of the following program and the chance to have discussions. We hope that many people inside and outside the university will participate the symposium and use it as an opportunity to think about the way of risk research in the future.

What is KURRN?

Kyoto University Risk Research Network (KURRN) was established in 2014 by the researchers of various fields in Kyoto University forming a cross boundary network and acting as a virtual organization for the purpose of finding a breakthrough of the problems which were related to “risk” and hard to solve only by the knowledge and experience of each field. The constitution member extends over many fields, such as engineering, agriculture, medicine, science, sociology, economics, and psychology. We will make this network organization substantial and develop it to Kyoto University Risk Research Center in the future.


31st August, 2016

12:30-13:00 Registration Kyoto University Clock Tower 2F International Conference Hall 1&2

Moderator1: Takashi Kusumi (Professor, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto Univ.)
Moderator2:Minoru Yoneda (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto Univ., KURRN facilitator)

Opening& Keynote Speech

13:00-13:05 Opening Address Kayo Inaba (Executive Vice-President of Kyoto Univ.)
13:05-13:45 Keynote Speech Ortwin Renn (Prof., University of Stuttgart, ex-President of the Society for Risk Analysis) : Engagement of Risk Researchers to Policy and Decision Making in EU and Germany.


13:45-14:00 Risk Perception in Japanese Culture: A Cultural Psychological Approach. Yukiko Uchida (Associate Prof., Kokoro research center, Kyoto Univ.)
14:00-14:15 Effectiveness of Two-step Interactive Risk Communication: Can it Contribute to the Improvement of Citizens' Risk Literacy? Yayoi Kito (Researcher, Graduate school of Agriculture, Kyoto Univ.)
14:15-14:30 Can Citizens Accept Individual Radiation-dose Criteria? (tentative) Yoko Shimada (Associate Prof., Graduate school of Engineering, Kyoto Univ.)
14:30-14:45 Risk Communication in the Political Administration for Waste Management (tentative). Misuzu Asari (Associate Prof., Graduate school of global environmental studies, Kyoto Univ.)
14:45-15:00 Coffee Break
15:00-15:15 Shifting from Disaster Prevention to Disaster Reduction - Dealing with the Risk of Unexpected. Masamitsu Onishi (Associate Prof., Disaster Prevention Reseach Institute, Kyoto Univ.)
15:15-15:30 Risk Communication and Shared Decision Making in Healthcare. Kyoko Kitazawa (PhD student, Graduate school of Medicine, Kyoto Univ., Affiliate Prof. of Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ.)
15:30-15:45 Future Risk Research in Kyoto University – from Risk Management to Political Contribution (tentative). Yasuto Matsui (Associate Prof., Agency for Health, Safety and Environment, Kyoto Univ.)

Discussion Time

15:45-16:45 Discussion All Participants


16:45-16:50 Closing Remarks Yoko Niiyama (Prof., Graduate school of Agriculture, Ex-president of the society of risk analysis Japan)


Please send an email with your name and affiliation to Kyoto University Risk Research Network (KURRN)
E-mail: kyotou.rrn@gmail.com
(Capacity: 100) Please specify “Symposium Registration” in the subject line.


From Kyoto Station: City Bus No.17. Get off at “Hyakumanben.”
Or City Bus No.206. Get off at “Kyodai Seimon-mae.”
From Hankyu Kawaramachi Station: City Bus No.3 or 17. Get off at “Hyakumanben”
Or City Bus No. 31 or 203. Get off at “Kyodai Seimon-mae.”
From Keihan Demachiyanagi Station: About 20 minutes walk.

More info

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